Marriage Ain’t For Punks, formerly, “Married and Naked,” is a powerful coaching organization that offers resolutions through interactive discussions, revealing dialogue and spiritual insight. Couples who take part in these conferences get the opportunity to address their challenges and sharpen their success.

Calvin and Wendy are able to offer honest, insightful, and real-life advice to couples that resonate from their own past. Their mission is to help couples and individuals embrace tenacity and better understand resilience in successful relationships. Calvin and Wendy are genuine examples of marital success, their commitment to each other and accountability to God and their community are what bring success to Marriage Ain’t For Punks conferences.



A Marital Repair One-Day Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to provide you with valuable tools to get your marriage back on track.

During the course of a marriage, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s important. When this happens, the union, which once brought joy and excitement, becomes a source of frustration and disagreement. Marital C.P.R. is designed to address those issues.This workshop offers a laser-like focus on three key elements: Commitment, Passion & Respect.

Married and Dating Check Ups

This one-day session is an interactive class that is informal, intimate and informative. Couples are given useful tools to implement into their relationships, they are also encouraged to share with and glean from each other. These sessions are open to couples who married, dating or engaged

Customized need-based programs can be written for any group or organization.

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