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This is two 30-minutes online sessions where couples get the opportunity to honestly review their relationships and receive valuable, practical tools to improve their union.

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Warning: Due to the transparency of the conversation, couples have been known to re-evaluate the permanence of their relationship.

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11 reviews for Chat with Pastor Cal & Wendy

  1. Dedrick and Kelley Williams

    Cal and Wendy are truly anointed! We are so grateful for their transparency and Godly counsel. My husband and I have been married for six years and our ultimate goal is to establish a thriving marriage . With Cal and Wendys’ helpful techniques and strategies , we definitely believe our goal is possible. It is comforting to have wise individuals pour into couples lives so they can experience a peaceful, joyful, and thriving marriage. They compassionately challenge and hold you accountable so you can be the best spouse to your mate. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Cal and Wendy. They have changed our lives and our marriage.

  2. Gabrielle barile (verified owner)

    Pastor Cal and Wendy gives you the NO BS guide for getting back on track. If you want the raw honest truth and guidance this is for you. This requires you to be completely vulnerable and honest with yourself and each other. I suggest you do this! It was more than worth it.

  3. Amarylis & Rodney

    Words cannot sufficiently express or describe our gratitude and admiration for Pastor Cal & Wendy. Before chatting with them our marriage was stuck in a rut and we were pretty close to losing hope. We tried couples therapy numerous times with many different therapists, discussed separation and even thought about divorce. No matter what we tried, we just couldn’t seem to get through to one another. Sadly, we were growing apart. Days before our first session, my husband and I had agreed to give each other space for deep thought on our marriage next steps. The options being considered were to either remain unhappily married or move out of our home and move on with our lives – separately. It was that serious…BUT LOOK AT GOD! We were blessed with Pastor Cal & Wendy’s presence, wisdom, knowledge and love when we needed it most. The comfort and safety immediately established was like no other; they actually cared about us! All of a sudden it felt like we had these marriage warriors on our side, like we were all in it together. Conversations were genuine, real, raw and honest. They got deep and intimate, shared personal experiences, intently listened with understanding, counseled us with the best advice and armored us with marital tools and assignments for success. They were never overwhelmed with our issues and addressed every single one, big and small. They held us accountable when we needed it and not only poured life into our marriage, but also pushed us to grow as individuals. For the first time in a long time we felt relief, we started to understand one another and we found ourselves on the same page! I don’t know how they do it, but they truly have a gift from the heavens to stir up love, connection and healing. My husband and I will be forever thankful. What Pastor Cal & Wendy are able to offer is priceless and we’ve realized that we need to keep that in our lives! We’ll most definitely be scheduling future sessions because our marriage cannot benefit enough from them. Pastor Cal & Wendy have taught us so much! We’ve learned the importance of intentionality, communication and hard work. We’ve learned to be committed to pushing through because as Pastor Cal & Wendy say, Marriage Ain’t For Punks!

  4. Kaila Williams

    Chatting with Pastor Cal & Wendy was an amazing experience! It really allowed me and my husband to be both open and honest about our current communication habits and learn how to be intentional about getting back on track, they have helped us get back focused on a plan to reset and keep building a successful marriage! Be open to chatting, is we went from resistance to team building and our excited about the future utilizing the new tools we are equipped with! Many Thanks to this amazing team! – The Williams Family

  5. Queenie & Wale (verified owner)

    After our sessions with Wendy & Pastor Cal, we feel more free to be ourselves with each other. The safe space they created in the sessions helped us see the importance of creating safe space & trust in our relationship. It was easy opening up to them because their genuine concern for us immediately was felt. They asked all the right questions & accurately diagnosed our struggles. It’s like they understood us better than we understood ourselves. It was a timely, Godsent deliverance from three years of building walls, overstepping boundaries & losing trust. Wendy & Pastor Cal gave us the tools necessary to start an easy rebuild – with a new perspective of respect, not sweating small things and the power of compromise & letting go. Many lessons learned. It was just what we needed.

  6. Angela (verified owner)

    Pastor Cal and Wendy have been a true blessing to my husband and I relationship. Providing guidance for one’s on healing and giving us tools to hit that reset button and letting us know the importance of doing so. There’s been more communication in the past week then it has been the last seven years and it’s only going to continue to get better thanks to them. If your hesitant don’t be, their openness and honesty even sharing a piece of themselves when they didn’t have too is all worth it. Book your session TODAY! And again thank you Pastor Cal and Wendy, continue to be a blessing to others. ?

  7. Will and Meka Harris

    My wife and I had two sessions with Pastor Cal and Wendy and we are so happy we did! 10 minutes into the conversation we felt like they were old friends. The advice given was simplistically profound leaving us enthusiastic and reinvigorated! If you are debating on whether you want to talk to Pastor Cal and Wendy go for it. You will not be dissapoiunted!

  8. Tameka

    Pastor Cal and Wendy have been instrumental in keeping our marriage and family together. We had premarital counseling and other marriage engagements prior to meeting them but none provided the tools that they have given us. They have helped us understand that it takes a lot of vulnerability, understanding and openness to see each other as two evolving individuals in a union. If it wasnt for them, we would not have made it this far. They have a PASSION for marriages and keeping families together, and it resonates when you meet with them.

  9. Talia Chism

    Can I give them six stars???!!

    Pastor Cal and Wendy counseled my husband and I at a very low point in our marriage. We weren’t sure if we were going to stay married. The fantastic duo that is Pastor Cal and Wendy, dove into our problems, showed us how we were communicating with one another and gave us the necessary tools to improve our marriage. They aren’t just your average counselors, you can tell they really CARE about you and your marriage!!! They take their time with you and they ultimately just want to see love win! Pastor Cal and Wendy are amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough!! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to stay married!

  10. Marie Box-Barnes

    If your looking for a Marriage Ministry that is un-biased, authentic and transparent, you have landed in great hands. First and foremost they put God First in everything they do. They are going to address both partners concerns and give you homework on how you should handle situations that may arise. I have learned so much form their marriage workshops and one on one counseling sessions. You would be doing yourself a Disservice by not trying them out. Their motto “marriage ain’t for punks” is simple yet profound, they will give you the tools so you can apply to your marriage and you will see change instantly only if you don’t deviate from the instructions . They are the best two Counselors to every do it! My husband and I love the Roberson’s . ❤️

  11. Donavan and Kenesia Genas

    Cal and Wendy have a unique insight into what it takes to make a successful marriage. If you are wanting to improve your relationship, your time with them will be well spent. However, be prepared! They are not afraid to ask the hard questions and will hold you BOTH accountable. Their approach and line of questioning forces you to look deep within yourself (interestingly, not at your partner) and identify the real root or source of the conflict, and why it impacts you the way it does, enabling you to take responsibility for your contribution. We have learned that it is only then that you can find resolution. Having had the benefit of their expertise, our marriage has blossomed, and we are better able to handle challenges, recognizing that we are better together than we are apart.

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