Married at First Sight’ expert Pastor Calvin Roberson: AJ Vollmoeller’s outburst doesn’t bode well

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 01/24/2019 

Married at First Sight expert Pastor Calvin Roberson and Season 8 stars Kristine Killingsworth and Kate Sisk have weighed in on AJ Vollmoeller‘s outburst over a homework assignment that aired during Tuesday night’s episode.
As Married at First Sight viewers saw, AJ lashed out at production when they asked him to do some homework with his wife, Stephanie Sersen, while they were on their honeymoon. AJ’s adverse reaction to sharing positive points as well as concerns about his marriage was so strong that Stephanie started to cry out of frustration considering she viewed the assignment as a silly, insignificant task. 

“Wow. AJ overreacts, and this early in the marriage, it could be a problem,” Pastor Cal told host Jamie Otis on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered this week.  “Because what we tell couples all the time is, ‘Please, put your best foot forward early in the marriage. These are your foundational times and your spouse forms an opinion of you.’ And at this stage, if he’s going off about homework, I mean, we didn’t tell him to jump out of an airplane. We told him to do homework.”  Pastor Cal added, “These are things designed to help your relationship. So to see him react like that or have a problem with it, it doesn’t bode well.” 

Jamie then asked Pastor Cal why he thinks AJ had such a strong reaction to the homework assignment. 

“It may be that he feels like he has to control things, and that’s something he can’t control. I mean, this is a big deal. There are cameras [everywhere]. There are cameras in your face all the time, but the very thing that was used to get him this wonderful woman in his life — I don’t want him to criticize it. You know?” Pastor Cal explained. 

“Because this is the reason he’s here! We picked this woman that he’s crazy about; don’t criticize the process, because the process got you what you wanted.” 


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