Marriage Ain't For Punks

2020 Weekend
Getaway Retreat

Postponed indefinitely

Hey friends! Due to the COVID-19 virus and the uncertainty of relief, we are indefinitely postponing our Marriage Ain’t For Punks Relationship Retreat that was scheduled for October, 2020 in Puerto Rico.

If you have already paid the registration deposit, we are giving you the following options:

1) Receive a video chat relationship therapy session with me and Wendy (A $500.00 value)

2) Apply the deposit towards next year’s retreat.

3) Request and receive a full refund.

Thanks you all for pushing thru in your relationships. Use this time to learn new things about each other, and to grow as a family.

We love you and are always rooting for your success.

Always remember, Marriage Ain’t For Punks!

Your love will never be the same again!

Registration: $220.00 per person (non-refundable)

Full Price (including registration fee): $1,250.00 per person

You want to know how you can fight for a better relationship and have fun doing it?


Fees are non-refundable (you may want to consider gifting or selling to another couple)
The price includes accommodations, food, non-alcoholic beverages, conference sessions, special gifts and prizes, vow renewals and after party.
No. If you are married, dating, or thinking about marriage, you are welcomed to attend.
The principles we teach can be applied to any relationship but we use language based on male/female interactions.
Dress code, payment plans and other details will be sent to you after registration is paid.

Register for the Marriage Ain’t For Punks 2020 Weekend Getaway Retreat!

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