Season 4 of the FYI groundbreaking hit, “Married at First Sight” brings 2 new experts to the location of Miami. Joining returning sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, are communication and relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto and marriage counselor and pastor, Calvin Roberson. 

Why did they change it up for this season? A spokesperson from production company Kinetic Content shared:

“Our plan is to rotate our panel of experts to keep a fresh perspective. We absolutely love Pastor Cal and Rachel and feel so lucky to have them join Dr. Pepper on the panel. They each bring new insight and elements to the matchmaking process, enhancing the overall experience of our participants.”

So the question in my mind is, what can Pastor Cal bring to participants and viewers this season? I had the chance to catch up with him and ask some burning questions. The passion in his answers is certain to make you smile.

First of all I’d like to find out, as a pastor and marriage counselor, why do you believe in this social experiment?

From a theological view, there are examples of arranged marriages in the Bible, beginning in the book of Genesis. In the Hebrew tradition, it was a way of ensuring families maintained tribal loyalty and cultural unity. So from that perspective, I can see the validity of the concept. This experiment is a take on that age old method, with some modern modifications. 

I do believe in the process of this experiment. Think about it! These individuals may have passed each other on the street or eaten at the same restaurant, but may never have found each other without #MAFS.  

My job is to try and make sure all the deeper elements of their characters are compatible and provide the commitment of the marriage institution. The couple’s job is to do the work, so they can have every chance to succeed as they grow in love. When they follow the counsel and guidance given them, it can be a wonderfully successful experience.

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