Two new experts are bringing a different set of skills this season on Married at First Sight, and Pastor Calvin Roberson is providing the religious and spiritual guidance to our couples, helping them to create lasting and loving relationships. The pastor told us about his experience working with couples, and how he can send the newlyweds down the path to love in the experiment.

Welcome to the MAFS family! Can you explain a bit about your background and expertise?

Thank you, I was born in South Boston, Virginia. I received a BA in Theology (music minor) at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL, an M.Div (Master in Divinity) from Andrews University in Michigan and [did my] doctoral studies at Ashland University. I began pastoring four churches in 1985 at 24 years old! 

Pastoral counseling had been a large part of my education and soon became a huge part of my profession, with an emphasis in rebuilding relationships, whether in marriage or parental-child relationships, etc. Believing there was always a larger purpose to my life, I left pastoring and worked in finance as an NYSE representative for a decade. After leaving that profession, I became a corporate trainer. One of my clients was Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, D.C. Because of the relationship building I engaged them in, they asked me to become their Dean of Arts. Although, at the time this seemed like a departure from what I was trained to do, I can now see that all these experiences have only contributed in helping me to be well-rounded and well-prepared in the next phase of my life.

This happened in 2009, when my wife Wendy and I started the marriage coaching organization, Married and Naked, Inc. and held our first conference in Akron, Ohio. Since then we have helped many couples recover from the brink of divorce. All the training I’ve been privileged to experience has now come together to assist building relationships from various directions. Wendy and I still hold conferences, boot camps and some private counseling. We are currently planning a major conference in Atlanta in October. So building relationships and helping them succeed has become our life’s work.

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