Truly the definition of progression and vision, Calvin has been helping to build and restore relationships for nearly three decades as a pastor, professional educator, Wall Street executive, and public speaker. Now his expertise can be seen as Relationship Expert on the hit series, Married at First Sight on Lifetime TV.

Calvin holds a graduate degree and post-graduate studies in ministry and law.  He has dedicated over a decade as a registered representative for the New York Stock Exchange and Regional Vice President of Allianz, an international investment firm. He has also served as the Dean of Arts at the esteemed Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, D.C. He is currently also the C.E.O. of The Vindy Group LLC., a holding company for multiple businesses.

Calvin has enriched his life’s calling by dedicating more than twenty years to leadership as a church senior pastor. “Pastor Cal,” as he is affectionately known by congregation members, credits his connection with God and his keen insight into people for his successful spiritual advisory and life coaching skills.

Calvin and his wife Wendy are the proud founders of Progression Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

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It was Calvin and Wendy’s desire to help struggling couples that led to television opportunities with Lifetime, FYI & A&E networks. Calvin has been able to leverage his ability to resolve conflict into a national platform as the Relationship Expert on shows such as Little Women of Atlanta, Seven Year Switch, Ultimate Staycation and is currently one of the breakout stars on Married at First Sight.

Calvin and Wendy Roberson are the founders and facilitators of “Marriage Ain’t for Punks” (formerly known as Married and Naked),  a powerful coaching organization that offers relationship resolutions through interactive discussions, revealing dialogue and spiritual insight. Couples who take part in their conferences, Bootcamps, check-ups, and workshops get the opportunity to address their challenges and discover solutions for success.

Calvin and Wendy offer honest, insightful, and real-life advice to couples that resonate from their own past as well as years of education and experience. Their mission is to help couples and individuals ensure that their relationships remain sacred, honest, and progressive.  They are genuine examples of marital success. Their commitment to each other and their mission to change lives keep the passion thriving for all their professional and spiritual pursuits.